The production technology

Three layers taped

All of Gaoer company's production deal with Three layers taped, ensure all products are windproof, rainproof, and durable.

Invisible Zipper

Invisible waterproof zipper through professional heat press processing, It can be more beautiful, windproof, and rainproof.

Advanced equipment


Gaoer has a professional clothing team, total employees 280. There are 12 large production lines, with an annual output about 100 million pieces.

Skilled operation team

Gaoer's Equipment

Professional equipment more than 200 machines, including heavy machine computer one needle machines,  Lockstitch trimming machines, Laser cutting machine, Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine, Seamless press machine,  needle inspection machine, button attached machine, Knotting machine, Overlock stiching machine, cutting machine, keyhole machine, Measuring water machine and so on.

Advanced production equipment

Gaoer's  Configuration

With a number of high-end domestic and foreign suppliers reach a long-term cooperative relationship, to ensure quality stability, good price, and delivery efficiency.

Service Case

After many years of unremitting efforts, Kunshan Gaoer company has a number of domestic and international well-known outdoor supplies with a long-term stable strategic cooperation, such as: China Maritime, German Power, and Canadian Bus, etc.
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