Faith Article
Human - Oriented, Common Goal.
      Inside the Enterprise, to establish a good Enterprise mechanism based on people-oriented management. To achive Enterprise's maximized interest, in the pursuit of personal value maximization of employees.
Customer - Oriented, Common Development
      Outside the enterprise, to meet customer needs as the starting point, to seek common prosperity and common development with customers. In the process of constantly meeting customer needs and creating a brilliant future for the enterprise.
Company Introduction
      Kunshan Gaoer Apparel co., Ltd was founded in 2007. It's a modern and professional outdoor functional clothing company which gathers the design, production, sales. More than 260 employees, with a total construction area as 4000 square meters. Is located in the economically developed area in China - Kunshan City. The west of Shanghai, east of Suzhou.The transportation in Kunshan is very convenient , there has Kunshan high speed rail station, KunShan Railway Station. Only 40 kms away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport.

      The company has always been adhering to the "quality first, honest business, create classic" business tenet, rely on advanced equipment, superb technology, strict management, quick delivery supported, strict delivery time, for customers to develop new style to provide comprehensive technical support and perfect after-sales service.

       Gaoer has advanced equipment from Japan. Such as: Overlock Machine, Flating Machine, Laser Cutting Machine, Button Attaching Machine, Heat Sealing Adhesive Machine, Pneumatic Pyrographic Thermal Printing Machines, etc. Gaoer has a strong technical force, with experienced craftsmen, proofing / plate workers, & plate CAD drawing. production styles with abundant resources, have nearly 400 styles. Fabric sample more than 1200. And Fashionable, Excellent Quality, Reliable. Main products: Military Uniform, Work Clothes, Outdoor Jacket, Ski Suit, Adhesive Clothing, Raincoats, Safari Jacket. Main market: Asia, Europe, North America, Middle East, and more than 20 countries. the main partners are CAMEL, RAX etc.

      Annual output value about 120 million RMB. Annual production approximately 900 thousand pieces. Among them, foreign trade is 55%, and domestic is 45%.

       In future, Gaoer sustained development, with first-class product quality, first-class after-sales service and integrity of the business philosophy. Outdoor clothing market will be repaid expansion, the rapid expansion of outdoor clothing market, to provide better service to customers.
Enterprise spirit
  • Team
          ——Mutual Assistance. Sincere Cooperation!
  • Efficient
          ——Time benefits more than all!
  • Innovating
          ——Thinking, developing, transcending oneself and advancing with the times!
  • Studying
          —— Get rid of the stale and take in the fresh! Extracting Essence, Enhancing Value! Creating Future!
Quality Policy
  • Excellent Quality
    Our production's quality is controlled by international standards.
  • First-class Products
    Offering premium products follow up customer's requirement.
  • Sincere Service
    To satisfy customers by our sincere and enthusiastic service.
Quality Target

Accurated delivery. Perfect after-sales service. Attentive customer communication.

Resolve customer complaints within three working days.

The product passing rate is above 97%.
CEO Speech

As the world's leading enterprises, Gaoer in providing excellent products and service for customers, at the same time, always think highly of the social responsibility as the source for enterprise development. Establishing outstanding global corporate citizenship through the efforts of the practice of social responsibility.

Gaoer's social responsibility practices can be traced to the origins of entrepreneurship. Gaoer's founders created own good causes with great ideals and eternal faith to contribute to the development and progress of society, made people work more efficiently and lives more richly. In the operation of the enterprise, we gradually formed the concept of 5P culture - Commit with clear target; Perform as our promise; Supremacy of corporate interests, constantly improving; Have the courage to be the best in the world. 5P culture is not only one of the core competitiveness of our enterprises, but also the motive force of our continuous practice of social responsibility.

Social Responsibility
      We attach great importance to the sustainable development. In the next three to five years, Gaoer create more value for society through planning, research and cooperation. Gaoer will continue to develop new products, and bring a better experience for the customer. Gaoer also through sustainable production and more energy-efficient, make positive contributions to the fight against climate change. We will also take education as an important task, and encourage entrepreneurship and innovation personnel play a positive effect; We always respect employees, & encourage them to practice the values of the enterprise. Gaoer also invest meaningful career, work together to make the world as a more beautiful place.

       Gaoer knows that to be a great company, not only achieve success In the market, but also realize the vision that the world is better because of Gaoer. We will do our best to fulfill our commitments to our customers, employees, society, even for the earth. Gaoer's employees are proud of what we have achieved. And Gaoer commitment will continue to make progress in the field of sustainable development. We are confident that in the near future, Gaoer will live up to own promise to become a great company and bring about more positive impacts in the word.
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