Gaoer wrap up fire report


With the development of the company, to ensure safe production of the company and protection of personal safety. In order to allowed all employees to self production safety, and enhanced personal self protection awareness, & emergencied self-help methods, Gaoer organized all the staff involved in the fire exercise activities. The activity time was 2 pm, February 23, 2016, the specific deployment as follows: 

1. At 13:30 PM, the whole workshop had a meeting to explain the fire awareness, methods, fire extinguishers, escape methods (towels / sleeves cover nose method), bandaging self-help methods and cardiac resuscitation, etc;

2. At 2 pm, the fire alarm sounded, all the staff escaped by the nearest fire passage with three channels. All of the staff very positive, the action is very successful.  The workshop staff immediately  evacuated in 35 seconds. And everything in good order, from the corridor down the stairs to the site below the specified branch,  team set, etc. Placed neatly.

3. To all the staff on production safety, safety rescue and fire extinguishing equipment use and exercise device, multi member participation, all know, various departments, each team participated in the master the basic knowledge of the use of fire extinguishers and many on-site drills, staff very positive.

4. It was a great success, through the joint efforts of all departments. Did not appear booing, up mess, bad phenomenon ,or not to participate in. Hope that through the activities of exercise, all of the empployees have a exercise to escape and self-help, thorough understanding of fire safety knowledge.

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